Monday, 30 May 2011

Why are pot holes left for so long?

I pass this 'pot hole' several times a week and for over six weeks my mind conjours up a good reasons why the road cones are still out and the hole is still there.
 It is kind of them to cover the whole with this large steel sheet. Stops cyclists falling in. Asking around I can't find any reason why it is still open or why it was opened up in the first place.
Further along the road I found the culprit parked up on Sunday protected by rough ground only approachable by MTB.
Why are they left open for so long?

Saturday, 21 May 2011

Is crashing inevitable when you race bikes?

Autumn sunny weather Otago Cycling catagory race Vauxhall to Tairoa Head for my handicap Cat4. About 26km with a steep hill finish.

Cats 1, 2 and 3 also raced to Tairoa Heads, return to Portobello and then climb to the top of Otago Peninsula finishing down hill at Sheil Hill. Distance was about 60km.
I was sent off Cat 4 scratch, 9 minutes behind the first group. I never saw them and infact could not stay in contact with Glenys my fellow scratch rider . . . . . oh well! That's bike racing.
I was doing well and catching the others with about 2km to go until the start of our up hill finish when the second bunch came back towards me and a minute later the lead riders flew past. The leads called out "crash corner" and sure enough I found Stu and Chris dazed in the weeds. Bikes in the ditch on a greasy fast down hill corner.
I pulled over to offer assitance, trafic safety and first aide. Stu was up and about and another rider looked after him and his bent bike. I stayed with Chris who was in pain and holding his arm/shoulder in that way that injuries hold themself. He was in pain especially as he stood to move out of harms way.
International track star and Dunedin resident Allison Shanks had turned around and volunteered to sprint the 200 metres uphill to my Cat 4 finish line to call the ambulance! She is afterall decades younger than me!
In the end I was able to remount and stagger off uphill to finish to find surprisingly that I wasn't last!
Back down hill Stu needed the chocolate bar I gave him and Chris complained when he relealised he couldn't have any in case there was a need for surgery.
The bikes were lashed to the trailer I left to tour the 26 km back to the Andy Bay start and passed the ambulance as it arrived on the scene.
I did well to catch up on the 5 other Cat 4 riders who had set off before me. Infact I was travelling better than I had been doing in the race.
Mused that yes, crashing probably is expected whenever racing occurs and therefore is part of the sport.
Hope neither Stu nor Chris were badly injured, but they will be sore as there was plenty of skin and lycra flapping about.
Now something far more eclectic! Pictures taken at dawn of the NISS with what I think is Jupiter just over the saddle and the moon infront of the wheel.
Cycle safe and if you can't give assistance. Cheers.

Saturday, 14 May 2011

More $ for Caversham fewer $ for Peninsula.

Dunedin, an hours drive away does provide some interesting riding. Unfortunately the proposed funding for the continued extension of the Otag Peninsular cycleway has not been confirmed.
The N.Z. Transport Agency has not agreed to fund 65% of the $1.4 million costs for 2011-2012. Work between Ohinetu Point and Pipikaretu Road will have to wait.
Could have been difficult cycling, working or being down there this week anyway! See
On the plus side The Dunedin City Council has decided to provide another $100,000 funding to work towards re-opening the Caversham Tunnel to cyclists and pedestrians. I used this tunnel in the 70's and 80's and would do so again.
Have a gander at

Wednesday, 11 May 2011


Random order:
Caversham Tunnel exploration of re-opening to cyclists still pending according to ODT.
Beer arguement between Green Man and Monteiths breweries over the use of the name 'Radler' (cyclist) has been heard in court and we await the outcome.
Giro d'Italia - death of Leopard Trek Team rider Welter Weylandt from Belgium commented on by many cyclists in social media.
Red sky in the morning brought the prospect of another great cycling day.

Sunday, 1 May 2011

Who would have thought 2?

Who would have thought?

Who would have thought
That riding every day in April
Provides the best darn training ever?
Pedals feet cranks knees
turn every day
every kind of bike
Eclectic . . . . . you might say.

Building legs lungs bike handling power.

Chances to record:
"Crouch . . . . . . pause  . . . . . engage,"
Shutter release captures cyclepic of the the day.

"It's a bike path  . . . . . mate!"
"Sorry, didn't see it!" driver replies.
"The bikes tend to give it away!"
She rides to the right and I cycle to the left of his car.

Lots to see, Regan Gentry's big wisdom teeth 6.5 tonne each.

Handle bars forward into May.