Sunday, 19 June 2011

Big city cycle looking

Following last post took bikes to Dunedin but high winds stopped cycling.
Not a bad way to use a truck, have it care for your bike.
Waiting for their exam candidates to finish at Otago University.

Cycle photo companion checking out the ducks on the banks of the Leith.
Last is an overcrowded track during a night ride!
Keep riding - Cheers.

Wednesday, 15 June 2011

Dunedin Long Term Cycling Strategy - Looks Good!

Daily riding continues. Ridden every day for the past 76 days - enjoying every ride.
Dundein City Council has published a report with great news in their long term cycling plan. Just have to stay fit will into my 80's to see some of the developments happen.
Read about it here!

While you are there check out the sports pages and see recent award winners..

Now that's worth going for a ride to mull over. See ya!

Sunday, 5 June 2011

Queen's Birthday Rides

The theme for the weekend is captured by Mary's riding gear. Rugging up against the cold is essential. What's not shown is the somewhat excited Kerry Blue Terrier charging between us as we ride on this track. It is great to have a few days of dry, if cold weather to be able to put a few hours together in the saddle.
Todays NISS ride was initially easy until I came to slog back up hill in the near dusk. Lung stretching climb which left me feeling rung out. They say it's good for the health!
Wonder what tomorrows ride will bring?