Sunday, 20 November 2011

Sadeness - Peter Wells - cyclist - killed by truck.

Riding wise Monday was excellent as the after work ride saw me take the Surly LHT down onto Inch Clutha in warm spring sunshine.
Unfortunately, the week was overshadowed by the deatrh of yet another commuting cyclist in Dunedin. I did not know Peter Wells, but I was very disturbed to hear of his death when he was run over by a truck. Radio reports of course initially reported it as a death due to the cyclist 'crashing' into the truck.
On Thursday I had the opportunity to visit Dunedin and follow an identical empty logging truck through the intersection on which Peter was killed. This particular truck slowed before the 4 lane ( cycle lane + 3 car lanes) road and then sped across the empty road to take up the right hand most lane. I guess,  in order to be better placed when eventually making another turn.
Yes, you picked it! Peter was in a green painted dedicated cycle lane and was on the truck driver's right hand side. Absolutely no reason for a driver not to see him!
I wonder what the result will be from the court case? We can of course expect the usual platitudes from the coroner about cyclists clothing and behaviour. When will New Zealand start to lay the blame for the majority of cyclists deaths where it lies ...... on shoulders of bad drivers?
Makes me consider a campaign to look into how to promote the concept of total liability where the operator of the larger vehicle on the road is always responsible for the safety of the smaller vehicle. How would one do that?
Rest in peace Peter - my thoughts go out to your family, friends, and students. Yes, Peter was a teacher.

On Thursday returning to Balcutha in a thunder plump I saw this rider pushing his machine in high winds. Great to see the dedication. Fair way to ride a bike like that for the length of New Zealand.

So, not a lot of milage this week. Have ridden somewhere on ever-one of the last 233 days.

Eclectically thinking ..... where will I ride today?  Cheers.

Monday, 17 October 2011

Holiday Rides Update

Monday morning 40km sunny, no wind ride to celebrate Martin's new bike shoes.

I celebrated by fitting a new set of cleats. What a difference, solid 'click' on entry and exit.
After a quick bike fit check for Martin to make sure his new shoes were good 'fore and aft' and we took off for an hour and a half at a steady pace. Steady enough to gossip and hold up traffic at the same time.
Martin was looking for a shorter disctance, but we toured happily at an average of 25kph.
Gossip touched upon  family updates, health of self and friends, work related gossip, the future and problems in education.
Infact, an almost perfect ride. The imperfection was having to barrel up the hill home.

Cheers - Martin.
Extactically and Eclectically onward - into very poor weather over the next few days.

Sunday, 9 October 2011

Holiday Ride 1 Updated....

Sunday, temperature in the low teens which means arm warmers. Ride out towards the coast a breeze only, no wind.
Met one of those farm truck drivers whose sense of humour extends to using 2 tonnes travelling at 90km to cross the centre line and intimidate cyclists!
Fixed him.... switched up a gear and sprinted straight towards him. He hit the horn in an offended sort of way. I guess he forgot he was steering towards me on my side of the road! Great fun bullying bullies!
The lungs had an excellent work out with average speed 30.80kph. I won every sprint, mainly because I was riding solo.

Happy ride, lungs burning and the sime of holiday forming.
Eclectically on holiday - ride, ride, ride! - Cheers.

Update 1516hrs:
Friend Bridget in Dorkland knocked off bike and spent the morning in A&E. At the start of her holidays too.
Splint on right hand and bruising.
Yep, you guessed it, must be the cousins to the 4WD's I met this am. Truck basically took her out. She said she was very lucky no other vehicles around.
Take care out there!

Sunday, 2 October 2011

Spring is here for real! Killers about!

Clear skies, little wind and inclination lead me to the hilliest 30km ride around our area this fine sunny Sunday.

It is great to roll out on the carbon Avanti, until the breathing gets hard near the summit of the second hill. It was just beyond here that I met the second person to attempt to side swipe me with a car this week.

Now, don't get me wrong, I'm not small. On a bike I appear bigger ..... ask the dogs who chase me and to whom I raise my voice. I wear hi-vis clothing and this morning I turned on the 12cm wide rear red flashing light, which I am told can be seen from 400m in daylight.
So why did a green station wagon doing 90 - 100 kph come so close at the top of this hill that I swear I could tell it was green by osmosis before I felt the wind of it passing?
The hairs on my legs tell me the the car was within 200mm. How can I tell? Well, the first vehicle to attempt my murder coming up the two lane hill on Thursday went past at about 300mm and the hairs on my legs can tell the difference. I know what was printed on the side of that truck and they won't get my custom ever again. As for the green driving god, he got away with it!
On to the rest of the ride,  which was lung busting up hill, down hill relentlessly until the final insult in the last 400m before home. The steepest hill around. No real chance to warm down before I'm off the bike. Great ride if you ignore attempted murder.
Why attempted murder? Well, simply, if either vehicle had struck me I would be dead!
Smile and pedal on!  That's after a shout and the odd hand gesture to each driver.
On dismounting I realise the right hand cleat is sticking. A quick look reveals why.

You wonder how worn they could get and still do the job. Change is needed....... sure I've got a new set in the bike chest (sea chest).

Eclectically spring and new cleats yours - Cheers.

Sunday, 11 September 2011

September already!   Spring...... have re-joined to continue the daily riding total.

To date I have ridden for 162 days continuosly. Sometimes not far each day. But, I have ridden. Just over 300km in August. Saturday, the ride was Balclutha to Milton early in the morning on SH1.
It has good road verges to ride on and traffic was sensible. Even the 'Wide Load' with the pilot vehicle turned out not to be 'wide' but 'long'.
Hilly ride with plenty of gear change practise.
Great cardio vascular work out.

My favourite Otago cycling sign from Outram.
Have a eclectic spring cycling week.
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Monday, 22 August 2011

Ride winter ride! Clothing.

Most people screw up their noses when I let it be known that I commute daily by bike all winter! They further contort their visages when I explain I train all winter.
They ask why! Simply I prefer to ride. If I have to commute to by car or motor scooter it just does not set me up right in the morning.
So here is what I wear, other than a helmet, cycling gloves and footwear suitable for the pedals of the bike I will ride. Sometimes it's cycle shoes and cleats, most often my flat sole slip on winter shoes. Either way I pedal hard! (gets the temperature up!)
On the bottom!

Usually everyday trousers. If wet these Groundeffect (  ) hydrofoil 'Helter Skelters' go on and I change at work.

If a cold ride that goes beyond my commute then either the (left) Canterbury ONYX Gold compression longs or the Groundeffect 'Daddy Long Legs' over cycle shorts or 'bibs'. These longs have reflective piping and cosy fleece over the knees. Which my knees just love!
Up top I prefer this red light weight fleece cap. Needed now-days due to scalp exposure! Better days a  Buff of various forms.
The highvis ankle strap is worn everytime with trousers and doubles as a safety feature in the dark.

On top of cycling gloves a 35 year old pair of Dachstien wool felted mountaineering mittens. These cost the earth in 1976 but with some mending are great cycle mits.

The black 'odd' mitts are three finger totally water proof mittens worn when on an adventure. They keep rain out and hands warm up to 'toasty' quality.

Outer jacket - the light green / yellow rain top is due replacement as it is very thin. Groundeffect 'The Phantom' over a decade of use. Balls up to about fist sized.
Finally, the agent orange 'Flash Gordon' full length heavy hydrofoil jacket. Most excellent, often ride home at night uphill with just this on over a business shirt. This too packs into small rear sized 'bag'.
Near the rear I use one of these both in the dark and during the day. The flashing keeps the drivers at bay.

Overall I keep an eye on the weather and just layer up to ride. Below 8 degrees C I wear wool next to my skin. Snow doesn't stop me but icy roads will!

Sweet riding ........ all winter long.        Eclectically Cheers.

Sunday, 14 August 2011

New cycling venue - Balclutha

Whilst the good people in Dunedin city are planning their cycling future, here....

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We in Balclutha have this great new venue the 'Cross Recreational Centre' a couple of months away from completion. The question is: what kind of indoor cycling event should we hold here?

 A multi use magic space with the capacity to hold five netball courts. An indoor cycling carnival?
Chilly with snow on the ground ... Cheers.

Wednesday, 10 August 2011

Dunedin Cycle way revisted # 3.

The planning work on the vision of cycle ways in Dunedin is going ahead. Current work on Peninsula cycle way is slow over winter. According tot hese articles:


Happy reading and riding.


Tuesday, 9 August 2011

Pigeons re-visited by big city expert.

Following yesterday's post I found others looked at this video in a different way!
Ah.... the world of cycling.

Sunday, 7 August 2011

Who put this on the bike path!? I love it! on Twitpic

Who put this on the bike path!? I love it! on Twitpic

I just enjoy the world of cycling made available through the interweb and I particularly like this photo and the thought behind it. Thanks for the reminder.

Saturday, 6 August 2011


As another southerly approaches
I take the 22 year old Giant Innova with the red handle bar tap
Ride around the block. About 10km.

Down hill, up hill, across the top with the wind behind
Over the railway line and with care in the middle of the traffic lane as the very left hand best for cycling bit is still deep in grit layed for the ice two weeks ago!

As a ride I plan the Innova upgrade.
Cables, front sprockets, cluster, derrailer, cables & brake blocks.
Should come in under $150.00.

On the last complicated corner a (an) ute overtakes,
The 20 liter gerry can of fuel falls over on the tray and a hot dog stick bounces of the road beside me.

I have ridden. Day 128.

Sunday, 24 July 2011

Winter Activities

Cyclists don't need to have it hard in winter, they just need to think creatively and wear more clothes.
Can't say the same for the family pets! They just hog the fire and go outside only when necessary.

'Out' the cat under the hedge waiting for the snow to become centimetres deep.

'Mack' the new 7 month old Spangold - resting between chasing the snowfall and retreiving things.
I rode this week mainly on the MTB or the NISS due to icey or snow conditions. Hence the reason the animals stayed inside.
The MTB rides were dedicted to gaining photos for this web site!

Relocated tarmac: ie dumped.
Local car park.
The topic in both cases was bikes on tarmac which is not public road. Happy eclectic cycling for what ever reason.  Cheers.

Tuesday, 19 July 2011

Cycling Obssessed - Never!

Rain, cold near gale force winds over the last 24 hours.
Managed to get a very short ride in when the rain cleared still very cold gale force winds under almost full moon. Excellent to get a ride in.
Yesterday took part in the Milton Jail Break Ride along with 65'ish other obssesive people. I rode the short 32km course. Others rode over 50km. Great weather, great people, very hilly course for which it is famous!
Winner rode on this bike....
 Also about was this cool looking single speed:

Danny I think from memory was proud of his moustachioed bike
Cheers to all

Otago Cycling Topics

Winter, 110 days of riding every day, sometimes a bit and sometimes plenty of kilometres meet the tyres.
The cheeky bit is the skils sessions in the moonlight in our pot holed drive, not many km's, but plenty of fun.
Today was also typical, used BELTA the Avanti Blade 8 belt drive to run errands down town. Weak sunshine and long black were the rewards.
Winter also means reading - up on the Kindle at the moment is a copy of Barbara Savages - 'Miles from Nowhere'. Her 1970's journal of riding bicycles around the world with her husband. Interesting and easy to read.
Cycling in Otago is getting plenty of media attention in particular in papers. The Otago Daily Times of Saturday ran two long articles about cycle track proposals in Central Otago.
Good news from a Dunedin survey regarding increased number of cyclists.

Cycling Otago has revamped it's web site and is worth a look. A great club which welcomes everyone keen to ride.

Then there is the Otago Mountain Bike site :
Local information about rides and races, also friendly people. I plan to do the August 21st winter series race.

When you spend so many hours a week riding the domestic duties are often left up to others:

We have managed to lay some much needed concrete this month, but it did mean I wasn't able to attend the New Zealand Cyclecross Champs in Queenstown. Oh well! At least I now have a solid place to clean the bikes.
Happy winter riding. It's not cold and wet, it's just that you are not well enough dressed!
Eclectically Cycling through winter  -  Cheers.

Sunday, 10 July 2011

100 days of riding, why bother?

Yesterday marked an unusual century. Since April 1 when I joined the Twitter group, #30daysofbiking, I have simply kept riding every day.
I had attempted to ride every day in January while I was mostly on holiday and handn't been able to maintain the regime.
So what was different? Simply the online group made the difference:
http://www.30daysofbiking/ is a Minneanapolis based urban cycling group who seemed to have no objections when I joined their group for the month of April.
Pride at completing the first 30 days lead onto a determination to continue riding in some form every day.
The best ride was the Milton Jail Break MTB ride. The best series of rides has to be the 10 days spent riding out of our crib at Naseby. Superb days riding on a great variety of tracks.
Most rides are the morning jaunt to pick up the papers and the delivery them around the neighbours combined with the commute to and from work.
The shortest rides, all five of them, have been either road sprints on the NISS or skills sessions in our potholed driveway. Many of them with headlight on and the latest after 11pm. Fun all the same.
Today's ride was typical.

Keep riding, it's good for the brain!
While I'm riding daily that leaves Mary to manage all the household affairs!


Sunday, 19 June 2011

Big city cycle looking

Following last post took bikes to Dunedin but high winds stopped cycling.
Not a bad way to use a truck, have it care for your bike.
Waiting for their exam candidates to finish at Otago University.

Cycle photo companion checking out the ducks on the banks of the Leith.
Last is an overcrowded track during a night ride!
Keep riding - Cheers.

Wednesday, 15 June 2011

Dunedin Long Term Cycling Strategy - Looks Good!

Daily riding continues. Ridden every day for the past 76 days - enjoying every ride.
Dundein City Council has published a report with great news in their long term cycling plan. Just have to stay fit will into my 80's to see some of the developments happen.
Read about it here!

While you are there check out the sports pages and see recent award winners..

Now that's worth going for a ride to mull over. See ya!

Sunday, 5 June 2011

Queen's Birthday Rides

The theme for the weekend is captured by Mary's riding gear. Rugging up against the cold is essential. What's not shown is the somewhat excited Kerry Blue Terrier charging between us as we ride on this track. It is great to have a few days of dry, if cold weather to be able to put a few hours together in the saddle.
Todays NISS ride was initially easy until I came to slog back up hill in the near dusk. Lung stretching climb which left me feeling rung out. They say it's good for the health!
Wonder what tomorrows ride will bring?

Monday, 30 May 2011

Why are pot holes left for so long?

I pass this 'pot hole' several times a week and for over six weeks my mind conjours up a good reasons why the road cones are still out and the hole is still there.
 It is kind of them to cover the whole with this large steel sheet. Stops cyclists falling in. Asking around I can't find any reason why it is still open or why it was opened up in the first place.
Further along the road I found the culprit parked up on Sunday protected by rough ground only approachable by MTB.
Why are they left open for so long?

Saturday, 21 May 2011

Is crashing inevitable when you race bikes?

Autumn sunny weather Otago Cycling catagory race Vauxhall to Tairoa Head for my handicap Cat4. About 26km with a steep hill finish.

Cats 1, 2 and 3 also raced to Tairoa Heads, return to Portobello and then climb to the top of Otago Peninsula finishing down hill at Sheil Hill. Distance was about 60km.
I was sent off Cat 4 scratch, 9 minutes behind the first group. I never saw them and infact could not stay in contact with Glenys my fellow scratch rider . . . . . oh well! That's bike racing.
I was doing well and catching the others with about 2km to go until the start of our up hill finish when the second bunch came back towards me and a minute later the lead riders flew past. The leads called out "crash corner" and sure enough I found Stu and Chris dazed in the weeds. Bikes in the ditch on a greasy fast down hill corner.
I pulled over to offer assitance, trafic safety and first aide. Stu was up and about and another rider looked after him and his bent bike. I stayed with Chris who was in pain and holding his arm/shoulder in that way that injuries hold themself. He was in pain especially as he stood to move out of harms way.
International track star and Dunedin resident Allison Shanks had turned around and volunteered to sprint the 200 metres uphill to my Cat 4 finish line to call the ambulance! She is afterall decades younger than me!
In the end I was able to remount and stagger off uphill to finish to find surprisingly that I wasn't last!
Back down hill Stu needed the chocolate bar I gave him and Chris complained when he relealised he couldn't have any in case there was a need for surgery.
The bikes were lashed to the trailer I left to tour the 26 km back to the Andy Bay start and passed the ambulance as it arrived on the scene.
I did well to catch up on the 5 other Cat 4 riders who had set off before me. Infact I was travelling better than I had been doing in the race.
Mused that yes, crashing probably is expected whenever racing occurs and therefore is part of the sport.
Hope neither Stu nor Chris were badly injured, but they will be sore as there was plenty of skin and lycra flapping about.
Now something far more eclectic! Pictures taken at dawn of the NISS with what I think is Jupiter just over the saddle and the moon infront of the wheel.
Cycle safe and if you can't give assistance. Cheers.

Saturday, 14 May 2011

More $ for Caversham fewer $ for Peninsula.

Dunedin, an hours drive away does provide some interesting riding. Unfortunately the proposed funding for the continued extension of the Otag Peninsular cycleway has not been confirmed.
The N.Z. Transport Agency has not agreed to fund 65% of the $1.4 million costs for 2011-2012. Work between Ohinetu Point and Pipikaretu Road will have to wait.
Could have been difficult cycling, working or being down there this week anyway! See
On the plus side The Dunedin City Council has decided to provide another $100,000 funding to work towards re-opening the Caversham Tunnel to cyclists and pedestrians. I used this tunnel in the 70's and 80's and would do so again.
Have a gander at

Wednesday, 11 May 2011


Random order:
Caversham Tunnel exploration of re-opening to cyclists still pending according to ODT.
Beer arguement between Green Man and Monteiths breweries over the use of the name 'Radler' (cyclist) has been heard in court and we await the outcome.
Giro d'Italia - death of Leopard Trek Team rider Welter Weylandt from Belgium commented on by many cyclists in social media.
Red sky in the morning brought the prospect of another great cycling day.

Sunday, 1 May 2011

Who would have thought 2?

Who would have thought?

Who would have thought
That riding every day in April
Provides the best darn training ever?
Pedals feet cranks knees
turn every day
every kind of bike
Eclectic . . . . . you might say.

Building legs lungs bike handling power.

Chances to record:
"Crouch . . . . . . pause  . . . . . engage,"
Shutter release captures cyclepic of the the day.

"It's a bike path  . . . . . mate!"
"Sorry, didn't see it!" driver replies.
"The bikes tend to give it away!"
She rides to the right and I cycle to the left of his car.

Lots to see, Regan Gentry's big wisdom teeth 6.5 tonne each.

Handle bars forward into May.

Tuesday, 26 April 2011

Ride Easter Ride

You may think that spending weekends and holidays in the same place for 29 years could become monotinous. Not for this happy cyclist! There is always something interesting to do in this tiny Central Otago town.
Having the opportunity to chill out, read books, enjoy the company of my wife Mary and ride every day keeps me returning to Naseby. That and the fact we have crib there!
The development of new single track and the re-opening of some tracks from 20 years ago keeps the riding fresh.
Over Easter visitor numbers swell and the bike mountain bike tracks fill up with families of riders. It was good to spend time in a cycling community. The next major MTB event is here -  I think I may have to do that one, thanks Kela!

Pictures tell the story:
Mary rides.

Visitors abound.

Why Easter in Nasbey?
Here's why!

The boss.

New take on helmet hair!

Single track in foreground. Hours of it.

Wet forest produces interest.

Great riding without leaving the road.

So, after 26 days of I can feel my knees and my smile. Naseby is a great place to ride!

Great news the mast head photo for this blog has been selected to appear in the 'hump day pics choice' on Thanks for this guys.
I like this photo and it is pleasing to note that others do as well.