Monday, 22 August 2011

Ride winter ride! Clothing.

Most people screw up their noses when I let it be known that I commute daily by bike all winter! They further contort their visages when I explain I train all winter.
They ask why! Simply I prefer to ride. If I have to commute to by car or motor scooter it just does not set me up right in the morning.
So here is what I wear, other than a helmet, cycling gloves and footwear suitable for the pedals of the bike I will ride. Sometimes it's cycle shoes and cleats, most often my flat sole slip on winter shoes. Either way I pedal hard! (gets the temperature up!)
On the bottom!

Usually everyday trousers. If wet these Groundeffect (  ) hydrofoil 'Helter Skelters' go on and I change at work.

If a cold ride that goes beyond my commute then either the (left) Canterbury ONYX Gold compression longs or the Groundeffect 'Daddy Long Legs' over cycle shorts or 'bibs'. These longs have reflective piping and cosy fleece over the knees. Which my knees just love!
Up top I prefer this red light weight fleece cap. Needed now-days due to scalp exposure! Better days a  Buff of various forms.
The highvis ankle strap is worn everytime with trousers and doubles as a safety feature in the dark.

On top of cycling gloves a 35 year old pair of Dachstien wool felted mountaineering mittens. These cost the earth in 1976 but with some mending are great cycle mits.

The black 'odd' mitts are three finger totally water proof mittens worn when on an adventure. They keep rain out and hands warm up to 'toasty' quality.

Outer jacket - the light green / yellow rain top is due replacement as it is very thin. Groundeffect 'The Phantom' over a decade of use. Balls up to about fist sized.
Finally, the agent orange 'Flash Gordon' full length heavy hydrofoil jacket. Most excellent, often ride home at night uphill with just this on over a business shirt. This too packs into small rear sized 'bag'.
Near the rear I use one of these both in the dark and during the day. The flashing keeps the drivers at bay.

Overall I keep an eye on the weather and just layer up to ride. Below 8 degrees C I wear wool next to my skin. Snow doesn't stop me but icy roads will!

Sweet riding ........ all winter long.        Eclectically Cheers.

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