Tuesday, 19 July 2011

Otago Cycling Topics

Winter, 110 days of riding every day, sometimes a bit and sometimes plenty of kilometres meet the tyres.
The cheeky bit is the skils sessions in the moonlight in our pot holed drive, not many km's, but plenty of fun.
Today was also typical, used BELTA the Avanti Blade 8 belt drive to run errands down town. Weak sunshine and long black were the rewards.
Winter also means reading - up on the Kindle at the moment is a copy of Barbara Savages - 'Miles from Nowhere'. Her 1970's journal of riding bicycles around the world with her husband. Interesting and easy to read.
Cycling in Otago is getting plenty of media attention in particular in papers. The Otago Daily Times of Saturday ran two long articles about cycle track proposals in Central Otago.  http://www.odt.co.nz/lifestyle/magazine/169350/trails-and-tribulations
Good news from a Dunedin survey regarding increased number of cyclists.

Cycling Otago has revamped it's web site and is worth a look. A great club which welcomes everyone keen to ride.      http://www.cyclingotago.co.nz/

Then there is the Otago Mountain Bike site :  http://www.mountainbikingotago.co.nz/html/
Local information about rides and races, also friendly people. I plan to do the August 21st winter series race.

When you spend so many hours a week riding the domestic duties are often left up to others:

We have managed to lay some much needed concrete this month, but it did mean I wasn't able to attend the New Zealand Cyclecross Champs in Queenstown. Oh well! At least I now have a solid place to clean the bikes.
Happy winter riding. It's not cold and wet, it's just that you are not well enough dressed!
Eclectically Cycling through winter  -  Cheers.

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