Sunday, 24 July 2011

Winter Activities

Cyclists don't need to have it hard in winter, they just need to think creatively and wear more clothes.
Can't say the same for the family pets! They just hog the fire and go outside only when necessary.

'Out' the cat under the hedge waiting for the snow to become centimetres deep.

'Mack' the new 7 month old Spangold - resting between chasing the snowfall and retreiving things.
I rode this week mainly on the MTB or the NISS due to icey or snow conditions. Hence the reason the animals stayed inside.
The MTB rides were dedicted to gaining photos for this web site!

Relocated tarmac: ie dumped.
Local car park.
The topic in both cases was bikes on tarmac which is not public road. Happy eclectic cycling for what ever reason.  Cheers.

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