Saturday, 28 April 2012

Rides which put smiles on your smile.

#30daysofbiking  Ride #28  Hina Hina & Lakeside Roads. Catlins, Otago. by Bazzaphotos
#30daysofbiking Ride #28 Hina Hina & Lakeside Roads. Catlins, Otago., a photo by Bazzaphotos on Flickr.
Third last ride in April which contributes to 30 Days of  Biking.
Mary and I decide to head down to the Catlins Lake about 30km away from home. I guessed a warm norwest breeze would be blowing down the lake .................  and I was right.

We found the first few kilometres up the side of the lake into the wind a slow slog. Once into the shelter of the bush on the Lakeside our ride was heralded by a bevy of Bellbirds. These mid-sized songsters sang our praises as we passed from one territory to another.

Mary noticed the smell of the bush and the fact with water running down the gullies and suggested that the area had far more rainfall than we have had at home.
After a quick rest at the bridge at the top of the Lake the run home was with the following wind. The Bellbirds chartered our passing and we were soon back at the bridge at the bottom of the lake.

16 kilometres in total. These rides are the rides which put smiles on your smiles.
Eclectically riding in the Catlins - Cheers.

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