Saturday, 30 June 2012

I'm not tough!

As a cyclist I tend to just get on with it. Out on the road or the track some days are harder than others and at times I do have to concentrate and bring in some 'top two inch' skills to get to where I want to be. That was until I read this:

In this article I found out what I do is 'tough it out' just like I used to do when tramping or climbing!
I had never really considered that to be the case.
Last month's ride from my Aunt's home in Milton to my home via the mainly gravel roads through Toko Mouth, Measly Beach, Wangaloa and Kaitangata turned out to be one of these rides!
It started out with a mild ride beside the Tokomairiro River:
The final 15kilometres were fine from Kaitangata over the bitumin to Balcutha.
The 30 km in between was difficult due to the darkness, gravel produced by the grader having worked over the road in the last few days and the skinny tyred bike I chose to ride.
So, I 'toughed it out' and smiled all the way.

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