Monday, 25 June 2012

Monday Rides #86 & #453

Commuting  in the pre-dawn hour brings me up against frost. While it appears readily on our deck it does not seem to settle on the roads (thank heavens).
Which brings me to consider wheels. They are just there on the end of the forks, rotating constantly. Amazingly robust. The ones I rode on today have small stickers cautioning against the excessive use of the brakes!
Seems to be a strange message to have on a bike wheel.
The brake surfaces are a bit scoured, but that happens over time.
 Had the thought that I could upgrade the rims. Wonder if I could go for a wheel set with disk breakes for 'Belta' the belt driven 'chainlesswonder".

Eclectically waiting for gale force winds overnight.

What will tomorrow's ride be like?

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