Sunday, 9 October 2011

Holiday Ride 1 Updated....

Sunday, temperature in the low teens which means arm warmers. Ride out towards the coast a breeze only, no wind.
Met one of those farm truck drivers whose sense of humour extends to using 2 tonnes travelling at 90km to cross the centre line and intimidate cyclists!
Fixed him.... switched up a gear and sprinted straight towards him. He hit the horn in an offended sort of way. I guess he forgot he was steering towards me on my side of the road! Great fun bullying bullies!
The lungs had an excellent work out with average speed 30.80kph. I won every sprint, mainly because I was riding solo.

Happy ride, lungs burning and the sime of holiday forming.
Eclectically on holiday - ride, ride, ride! - Cheers.

Update 1516hrs:
Friend Bridget in Dorkland knocked off bike and spent the morning in A&E. At the start of her holidays too.
Splint on right hand and bruising.
Yep, you guessed it, must be the cousins to the 4WD's I met this am. Truck basically took her out. She said she was very lucky no other vehicles around.
Take care out there!

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