Monday, 17 October 2011

Holiday Rides Update

Monday morning 40km sunny, no wind ride to celebrate Martin's new bike shoes.

I celebrated by fitting a new set of cleats. What a difference, solid 'click' on entry and exit.
After a quick bike fit check for Martin to make sure his new shoes were good 'fore and aft' and we took off for an hour and a half at a steady pace. Steady enough to gossip and hold up traffic at the same time.
Martin was looking for a shorter disctance, but we toured happily at an average of 25kph.
Gossip touched upon  family updates, health of self and friends, work related gossip, the future and problems in education.
Infact, an almost perfect ride. The imperfection was having to barrel up the hill home.

Cheers - Martin.
Extactically and Eclectically onward - into very poor weather over the next few days.

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