Sunday, 2 October 2011

Spring is here for real! Killers about!

Clear skies, little wind and inclination lead me to the hilliest 30km ride around our area this fine sunny Sunday.

It is great to roll out on the carbon Avanti, until the breathing gets hard near the summit of the second hill. It was just beyond here that I met the second person to attempt to side swipe me with a car this week.

Now, don't get me wrong, I'm not small. On a bike I appear bigger ..... ask the dogs who chase me and to whom I raise my voice. I wear hi-vis clothing and this morning I turned on the 12cm wide rear red flashing light, which I am told can be seen from 400m in daylight.
So why did a green station wagon doing 90 - 100 kph come so close at the top of this hill that I swear I could tell it was green by osmosis before I felt the wind of it passing?
The hairs on my legs tell me the the car was within 200mm. How can I tell? Well, the first vehicle to attempt my murder coming up the two lane hill on Thursday went past at about 300mm and the hairs on my legs can tell the difference. I know what was printed on the side of that truck and they won't get my custom ever again. As for the green driving god, he got away with it!
On to the rest of the ride,  which was lung busting up hill, down hill relentlessly until the final insult in the last 400m before home. The steepest hill around. No real chance to warm down before I'm off the bike. Great ride if you ignore attempted murder.
Why attempted murder? Well, simply, if either vehicle had struck me I would be dead!
Smile and pedal on!  That's after a shout and the odd hand gesture to each driver.
On dismounting I realise the right hand cleat is sticking. A quick look reveals why.

You wonder how worn they could get and still do the job. Change is needed....... sure I've got a new set in the bike chest (sea chest).

Eclectically spring and new cleats yours - Cheers.

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