Friday, 8 April 2011

April 8 days of riding.

Having joined http://www.30daysofbiking/ I have ridden daily to at least go out to mail boxes and pick up the daily papers to deliver in the neighbourhood. This means windstopper top, lights and sprinting between the showers.
Commuted to work each morning and ground my way back home on each day. Managed to do a number of errands by bicycle which is much more pleasurable than sitting in the car.
Today was a great example. Out on BELTA the chainless wonder to pick up the papers. Front light off and the 2km run down to work. Students used BELTA in a maths lesson to work on timing things. Quick traffic negotiating trip downtown another 2km to have a Friday after work coffee with Mary. This required parking Belta up against a fence with rails and recalling the code on the bike chain. Tootled from their off to the library packed library books into the courier bag.
Uphill sprint to Ben's front shed to put his clipless pedals back on his bike. Forgot that a set of allan keys would be needed ,so off up hill home and a job still to do by bike.
After tea visited shed number one and appreciated the number of bikes which are not used very often due to needing minor repairs. Speaking of repairs, put an old saddle onto a new seat post and fitted this lot to Clem's ten year old mountain bike. Fixed a pair of flat pedals to it, taped on front white and rear red lights and zipped off for a full kilometer to deliver the bike to him.
Friday chat caught up with his week while I swapped the flat pedals from his bike to my rigid single speed he borrowed last week to get home. With his cages re-installed on his mountain bike and the flats back on the NISS (Naseby Independant Single Speed) I back tracked and wrote this in my head in the time it took to rotate the cranks back home.
All in all a successful week riding every day. Cheers.

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