Saturday, 2 April 2011

Got to start somewhere.

"Oh! Your a roadie!" she said as I ground past her on the second day of  Central Otago Rail Trail Duathalon.
Almost insulted, I thought  . . .  'no I am not a roadie, I'm an eclectic cyclist!' I ride lots of different sorts of bikes in many different places.
Of the 17 comments I recieved during this predominantly mountain bike event 13 as I left them behind and 4 as they passed by me, 3 comments did have a snarky tone to them.  Most comments celebrated the fact that I was riding something different. If you can call a Surely Long Hall Tucker different. Some comments made me feel stightly guilty to be lucky enough to be riding a touring bike in a gravel race. Silly me!
I used the LHT because I hoped it would be faster that my Giant MTB. I will just have to ride this event next year to find out!
As the second day of this ride worked it's way past Hyde towards Middlemarch I amused myself by confirming I was an 'Electic Cyclist' and that I would blog about anything that interests me to do with wheels and pedals and the world we live in.
I would like to learn to ride that class of bike without handle bars and two wheels, one day.
Sad news to note that a 62 year old Japanese cyclist remains in Dunedin hospital with severe injuries two weeks after being run over by a visiting English tourist in the Bannockburn area. He enters my consciousness when I swing off down the road.
Lets try and take more care of each other out on the roads, like the milk truck driver did of me on the Balclutha bridge this morning. Thanks very much.
I have joined an online group celebrating cycling which will help me ride more this month! You might wish to view 30daysofbiking.
The birthday present Brooks B17 Narrow saddle up grade for the LHT looks like it may need a different seat post to allow the saddle to fit. Back to the drawing board or at least the old plastic saddle.
Cheers - ECNZ  Eclectic Cyclist NZ

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