Sunday, 17 April 2011

Biked all week. News update.

Firstly, the news update.
Local paper Otago Daily Times had a recumbent cycle on the front page during the week. A good news story with an excellent photo.
Their second piece of good news was an update on the Maia to Portobello cycleway and the difficulty brought about by the building of the Dunedin Stadium. The upshot is that some car parks are to go to make way for the cycleway which will link the two already developed sections of cycleway.
This is great news as last November we cycled this section around the stadium and had great fear and difficulty getting across the road sections.
Good to see that some carparks will be gone to make way for the cycleway. There is parking available around the rear of the nearby flats.

This was achieved without resorting to the late night troll up and down the road with the headlight on. Positively enjoying the paper delivery, daily commute and errands. Roll on the next two weeks which are term holidays!

Fellow rider I met out on a straight section of windy road. Unfortunately motorists expect us cyclists to be dressed in this industrial manner. Excellent to share some ride talk as we both wheezed along.

Couldn't resist stopping down town to catch this photo. It's on SH1 where the road branches off towards the Catlins scenic area. Cheers.

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