Saturday, 9 April 2011

Naughty and Nice (motorists) and a beer issue.

Rolled out today in the autumn sunshine to deliver some digital photos, go for a ride and run some more errands.
Immediately down town I ran into two of the naughty motorists, you know, those ones who slowly roll forward at the Give Way sign. First one came from the right and just keep slowly rolling forward into my path. A quick knock on the car roof had him in a panic!
"Didn't see you". Not likely! (No we didn't get to speak.)
I locked eyesballs at the first sign of the roll forward, he knew I was there and just kept coming. Knocking on the roof did the job as he braked like mad, I guess he thought he'd hit me. Motorist bully #1.
Motorist bully #2 came up from the left about 400m later. A wide Give Way this time and she snuck under the car going straight ahead and kept on coming. She got the international stop signal and the pleasant waggled finger, naughty, naughty! Bit of a worry when this driver is now behing me!

Me worried about naught motorists.

Pictures delivered, blown down to Kaitangata by sw wind with no naughty motorists. Infact the opposite like 99% of fellow road users. Polite and careful drivers.
Just love going over this pride over the Matau branch of the Clutha River.

The banana bridge at Kaitangata.

Over the bridge and into the quiet often gravel riding. Great place to enjoy a Saturday ride.

Time to stop and drink in the local sights.

Speaking of drinking, the cyclists drink  . . . . . . . beer is under going some issues here in NZ.
Two breweries are arguing over the naming of their light 'radler' style beer. Radler is German for cyclist, apparently and as the photo below shows:
Monteiths a brewery which once only brewed on the West Coast came out with this beer a few years ago and recently objected when the Green Man brewery from nearest city Dunedin also brought out a named Radler beer. This brew is not sold locally so you will need to goto:
to have a look at their now re-named Cyclist beer.
At present they are having to place a 'Cyclist' sticker over all of the radler labels until the breweries or more likely their lawyers get together.
Have tried the Monteiths Radler and found it very pleasant. Will try some Green Man 'Radler' come 'Cyclist' when I can.
In the mean time riding towards tasting these beers in the neighbourhood pubs chiller.

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