Sunday, 20 May 2012

Jail Break Ride #50 / #416

The annual Milton Jail Break ride is a race in the hills behind 'Otago Correctional Facility' at Milburn. Organise as a fundraiser by the "Milton Karate Club' it had 60 - 70 riders cover 2 courses. 34 km and 50 km.
I chose the shorter course and managed it in 2hrs 5min. Pretty good for an old bloke.
The oldest rider was 77 years old!
My quicker ride was down to riding about half way with Phil from Mosgiel. We paced each out in the central hills. Sharing our philosophies as we went. Once we topped out I wasn't able to keep up with his 'younger legs'.
The run into the finish is a 3km false flat. I managed to take time out of a few riders, but Phil stayed ahead.
I don't like one particular downhill section.It was greasy today as the photos show!
Eclectically washing everything! Cheers.

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