Thursday, 3 May 2012

Year 2 - Ride #33 Seats

Very short ride out to the rural mail boxes and delivery of 5 papers to neighbours. Pre-dawn blow out is good.
Cyclists and non-cyclists are united in the need to discuss one cycle related topic - bike seats! (saddles to adicted)

At every halt in cycling trip there will always be a discussion about a new (or an old) seat. About comfort, about careing for your seat, about seat hight or for'n aft allignment.

During every discussion I have with non-cyclists the topic of pain, bottom comfort or how can I ride with such 'skinny seats' always comes up.
This discussion crops up virtually in every discussion with non-cyclists.
This photo shows a bargin bin selection I made which is on my wet weather ride. This is one of my most comfortable seats.
 Specialized brand of unknown specification.

The F'zik: Arione is one of my favourits shapes. (photo below)
 I own two of them, this one is on my carbon road bike. I like their supportive weight. They do begin to hurt after 3 hours and that's a good reason to stand up and ride.
I had an inetersting experience with seats once when in a slow race on the Taieri. The bunch was tootling along on a spring day when one of the riders 'in the know' says:
"Someone's riding a broken seat."
Instant thought, how could he tell that?
So I asked - "how do you know?" I was quietly let into the secret that a tell tale 'click' could be heard.
Later in the race another ride slid in beside me and said, "It's your seat that's broken." he asked me to stand up and pedal. The clicking disappeared!
It required an over $200 investment to replace my F'zik: saddle. Not a bad price for a non-clicking seat and some valuable knowledge.
Had I noticed the sound when I rode. Of course I had! I just didn't know what thta sound meant.
Eclectically saddling up!

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