Saturday, 12 May 2012

Year 2 Ride #42 / #408 continuously.

Morning ritual of riding 500m out to get the papers and delivering them around the neighbours was complicated by fog this morning.
Finally managed to get a ride with a Dunedin based social group called AOK - Across Otago Kneebender(s).

They ride weekly mostly from Dunedin locations. This week they launched from Clarendon - between Milton and Waihola.
27 happy riders of differing abilities and bikes. We all tackled this up hill section in the first 5km.

We rabbits stuck together until we reached Circle Hill Road where the hares took of further up hill to do a longer loop.

Coming down the initial section of South Boundary Road one rider dropped a chain. I was following him and the chain just lay down on the road. One of the ladies was carrying a chain tool and a spare link. Quickly fixed.
Heaps of fun chasing each other down to here, where we had a good view out over Lake Waihola.

Click this photo to see that fog wasn't the only spectacle difficulty I coped with today. 
The freckles were gathered by most riders. Personally I blame the 29'ers. When I'm following them the muck from their rear tyres sprays out at just the right height to catch my face, not the front of my bike as happens when following a 26 inch ride.

I'm enjoying using the 'baru as an expedition car. No need for a bike rack. XTC2 fits easily inside. Thanks AOK for an entertaining hilly ride. The rabbits managed about 30km and the hares  45km. I will look to ride with your group in the future.  Eclectically riding with others is fun.

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