Sunday, 27 May 2012

Some rides are like that. #57 / #423

Spent the morning hours mucky around and decided to go for a ride when the weather changed to a cold SW!
Out of the house in such a hurry that I wore these:
Great bike shoes, past their best, but they have cleats on the sole and won't fit the cages which are fitted to my daily commute bike.
Why the commute bike? Easy, was at hand, chained lubed and ready to go. But these shoes won't fit!
So back inside after getting key, open garage. Change to these:

touring shoes, they have a central shank and have spaces on the sole to fit cleats, but these are not fitted. They were comfortable in the cold and showers and proved easy to slide into the cages.
Eclectically wishing I'd ridden earlier when it was warmer.
Update - 1547 hrs - could have waited as 988 hPa cool, calm, sunny. Oh well!

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