Saturday, 26 May 2012

Visitor, you are welcome. Rides - #56 / #422

How do continuous cyclists have a day off when they HAVE to ride every day?
Simple - a short ride is a good ride.
I did the single kilometre out to the paper boxes and delivered all 5 of them around the neighbourhood.
Wasn't the only excercise taken as Mary deemed the dogs needed a hilly walk and I spent an hour and a half on the side lines taking rugby photos. So, a short ride in a day with plenty of exercise.
While out walking spotted a cyclist doing the coffee cup balance. She parked up and read the information boards at the north end of the SH1 Clutha bridge where I snapped this picture.
Visitor, you are welcome. by Bazzaphotos
Eclectically welcoming visitors on a 'rest day'.
Visitor, you are welcome., a photo by Bazzaphotos on Flickr.

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