Tuesday, 22 May 2012

Y2 Ride #52 / #418 Errands

Buy a big box to post overseas at the Post Office and the fun starts.
How do you get it home on the bike?
Must have looked hilarious, box tucked into the straps of my courier bag with me peering over the top. Managed to make it home OK.
No photo of the above stupidity, I was busy keeping it all together.
This photo taken in a corner of LBS Brown's Avanti - Dunedin.
A double world champion fits both of these - Alison Shanks - currently on the west coast of U.S.A. training for that big event in August.
Cycling is a wonderful sport, where else can you start a Saturday race with a world champion?
Please note I didn't say ......... get to finish with a world champion!
Ali has finished, showered and organised things by the time we finish!

Eclectically thinking that balancing boxes on a bike could be an Olympic sport?

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